Ready 2 Roll Trailers wrapped by 144th

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144th Trailer Wrap

144th Custom Shop has teamed up with Ready 2 Roll Trailers Inc. rolling out this years 2013 Tailgaters with an extra Pop! Ready 2 Roll Trailers are redefining 'turn key' with fully equipped tailgaters ranging from 12k - 80k depending on specs & features. Check out for details and specs on these awesome trailers!

144th Boat Wrap (October 2013)

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Boat wrap by 144th Custom Shop in Peachtree City, GA

Here's the latest boat wrap installation rolling out of our Custom Shop at 144th! What all went into this project? First of all, the idea originally came from Bret: 'Create a badass skeleton warrior, wrap him around a torn up U.S. Flag and include the words MOLON LABE. (which literally means 'Come and Take' -the defiant reply from Leonidas the 1st to the Persian army's demand that the Spartans surrender.)

Bring it!

We only had a couple of days to design, print, prep and install so our Graphics Department quickly created the 3D artwork and custom graphics and our custom shop installers quickly prepped the boat and perfectly wrapped the artwork.

Skeleton Molon Labe Boat Wrap